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Our community of Coapt users inspire us everyday. We delight in being a bridge to connect people with upper limb differences, to share knowledge, and be a resource to one another.

Furthermore, the advice and experience of our users and clinicians is instrumental in continuing to innovate and create new solutions and products. We hope you’ll consider becoming involved with our growing community.

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Coapt User Stories

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Overcoming a 25-year Prosthesis Boycott

Meet Jodie

Intuitive For New Amputees

Meet Glen

Revolutionary After a Life of Limb Difference

Meet Debbie

A 5-minute Test to a Changed Life

Meet Nicole

A Piece of Her Custom-tailored Prosthesis

Meet Heather

It was Lit

Meet Dayna

If You’re Curious, Just Ask!

Meet Trace

Over Time, It’ll Become Second Nature

Meet Nic

Coapt Helps Me the Way I Want to Help My Future Patients

Meet Hamaad

My Kitchen Sees More of Me Now

Meet Kaylin

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