Put Yourself In Command

Refine prosthesis function on the go using Coapt’s Control Coach® Artificial Intelligence companion, available with the Control Companion® iOS and Android mobile apps.


We want your function with your prosthesis to be as good as it possibly can be. That’s why we created Control Coach®, the first AI-driven myoelectric coaching system designed to watch for known issues that may be holding you back from the best function.

Control Coach® AI was programmed with clinical expertise. Just like having a prosthetic interface guru with you at all times, this brain-machine intent decoder for prosthetics determines where little feedback and insight could help improve function. It has a convenient “Check Engine Light” to let you know when to jump in the Control Companion® mobile app to find the helpful tips and solutions. With Control Coach® and its powerful artificial intelligence in prosthetics, you have the tools to identify problems, fix them quickly, and master your prosthesis.

Utilize the power of Control Coach® in the Control Companion® mobile app.

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Control Coach® was programmed with years’ worth of Coapt clinical experience in artificial intelligence for prosthetic limbs. It knows the tips and tricks that can really help you tweak calibration and get the most out of intent decoding for prosthesis use.

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Control Coach® uses a familiar 5-star rating system to help communicate its knowledge. Each decoded and commanded prosthesis motion has a living quality rating updated by the AI. Less-than-perfect ratings are accompanied by helpful corrective suggestions.

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Control Coach® AI analysis is automatic every time muscle signal patterns are calibrated. Its assessments and messages are always waiting in the Coapt Control Companion® mobile app. This gives you the ability to fine-tune the intent decoder for your best prosthetic function.

Get to know your Control Coach®

Control Coach® plays a big role inside the Control Companion® mobile app by providing calibration quality ratings, specific context for every element of feedback, and tools for continued functional improvement in real-time.

Earn your five stars

Control Coach® AI watches different variables to let you know to how to get the most out of intent decoding, providing the closest thing in existence to thought-controlled prosthetics. Here are a few example variables so you can get to know the AI as it gets to know you:


When there’s just not enough of your muscle signals patterns for ideal decoding


Prosthesis motions work the best when your muscle signal patterns are decoded as your unique intentions


Dependable function counts on getting the desired motion everytime you need it


Real-world and real-situation muscle patterns make up yor natural intent


Muscle signals patterns don’t need to tire you out for control

Your very own Control Companion

Control Companion™ is your pocket companion for assistance whenever and wherever you need it! Available for download for mobile and tablet from the App Store and Google Play.