Coapt Puts You In Command

Coapt Puts You In Command

The old way of myoelectric prosthesis control can be very limiting. That’s why Coapt worked hard to advance the technology behind “pattern recognition” prosthetic intent decoding. Our modern approach adds powerful technology to help you take advantage of the benefits of bionic limbs more naturally—unlocking your personal potential. Coapt’s Complete Control Gen2 is our latest hardware kit—packed with new features benefitting you—designed to give you intuitive command over your prosthesis like never before. Learn more and get in touch with your prosthetists today!

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More personal than ever before

Whether you have an acquired amputation or are someone with lifelong limb difference, you know what comes naturally to you. Coapt’s Complete Control pattern recognition intent decoding technology is a system that gets built into your myoelectric prosthesis and enables more natural, intuitive command of the prosthesis. It uses modern machine learning techniques to learn and decode your personal muscle patterns and easily translates those into prosthesis movement commands, just the way you intend. It enables you to enjoy all the benefits of your prosthesis with greater ease and convenience.

With one push of a button

Using your Coapt-enabled prosthesis is as simple as pressing a button. The Coapt button is your key to unlocking personalized command of your bionic limbs. It lets you quickly calibrate—a less-than-a-minute process where you follow along with actions of the arm—any place and at any time you feel like adjusting and improving function with your prosthesis.

No longer any need to take the arm off and put it back on in times of trouble and no need to take any more time away from your day to have intuitive function.

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Power and convenience of our mobile app

Want an even better experience with your Coapt pattern recognition intent decoder? Wirelessly connect to the Coapt Control Companion® mobile app to make use of features like the Control Coach® assistant, Adaptive Advance™ controls, personalizing one movement at a time, saving your calibrations for later use, and more.

Use Control Coach® with Coapt’s moblie app Control Companion® for iOS and Android.

Reclaim your independence

Coapt Complete Control is more than just great prosthesis control. It’s about freeing you for better function and more possibilities. This system is designed with your independence in mind, built around modern, advanced technology that takes care of the complex algorithms in the background and lets you focus on the activities of your day. Fewer appointments and control tune-ups with your clinician opens you up to more independence in prosthesis use.

Be your extraordinary bionic self

Coapt Complete Control Gen2 takes pattern recognition intent decoding to a new level. It’s your bionic companion bridging you and your prosthesis. It’s added inside your prosthesis to learn and adapt to what you teach it. Wear it and calibrate it to what comes naturally to you and take control of your prosthetic life.

Coapt Complete Control Gen2 uses the power of machine learning smart AI to improve the command of your prostheses, not forcing you to be stuck with old control style limitations.

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