The best in Myoelectric Control

The best in Myoelectric Control

Complete Control Gen2 is Coapt’s latest advancement in pattern recognition control technology for upper limb prosthesis wearers. Gen2 is an add-on controller kit that offers unprecedented intuitiveness and makes prosthesis use more natural for patient lifestyles.

  • Pattern Recognition: 2nd Generation

    The latest in prosthetics technology, Pattern Recognition is where the world of machine learning meets myoelectric technology control. These powerful algorithms were under development for decades until 2013 when Coapt introduced the first system for upper limb prosthetics. Revolution has happened once more as Coapt’s 2nd generation offering brings a higher caliber of pattern recognition technology—redefining its capabilities and benefits.

  • Compatibility

    Whether your upper limb prosthetic users are searching for their first prosthesis or already have a trusted prosthetic limb technology, Coapt’s pattern recognition technology can add significant functional benefit. Complete Control is easily incorporated, and readily compatible with virtually every prosthetic arm technology on the market today.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    New with Coapt’s Gen2 system, the Control Coach® Artificial Intelligence companion works hard inside the prosthesis to analyze and evaluate how the users are using and improving their own control. Control Coach® sends the clinical expertise home with the user–providing quick and routine guidance to make sure they are getting the best control and function out of their artificial limb technology at all times.

    Use Control Coach® with the Control Companion™ iOS and Android mobile apps.

  • Intuitive Control

    Myoelectric arm technology built to include Coapt pattern recognition learn users’ unique and natural movements—they’re no longer held back by the limitations and shortcomings of single- or dual-site myoelectric control. Bionic arm technology control becomes more natural, personalizable, and straightforward. Coapt’s Gen2 learns and adapts to the signals of the wearer, both acquired amputees and limb different users alike.

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Prosthetic Control Evolved

For too long, powered upper limb prosthesis users have been stuck with outdated myoelectric control. Users have been limited to using a constrained body language, switches, and triggers to get basic use out of their prostheses.

Fast forward to Coapt where we’ve evolved modern myoelectric control with pattern recognition machine learning. A myoelectric system that instead learns the intuitive actions from its user, putting them in complete control of their own prosthesis function.

Upper limb difference or amputation no longer equates to being stuck with poor prosthesis control. Through extensive clinical development, user testing, and relevant practitioner studies, we have lifted the old limits on upper limb myoelectric prosthesis control—creating a more intuitive, user-friendly experience that results in greater independence and enhanced function.

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The power of advanced pattern recognition

Just like our fingerprints or the iris of our eyes, muscle signal patterns for different arm and hand movements are unique to each of us. Pattern recognition is what translates these patterns for upper limb different or acquired amputees into unpreceded prosthesis control.

Coapt’s pattern recognition system learns what is intuitive on a personal level and decodes unique signal patterns in real time, giving users Complete Control of their prostheses.

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