Meet Dayna

Let’s start at the beginning, tell us about the first time you tried Coapt. For example, where were you, who were you with, what was it like, etc.?

In my doctors office. It was lit.

Before you used Coapt, what were some of the pain points or difficulties in your day to day activities either using other prostheses (if applicable) or just in general living with a limb difference?

I didn’t experience pain & had little difficulty, but I fell in love with the look of a bionic arm.

With a Coapt system, what are some ways that your daily routine has changed for the better?

Every day things like, carrying my bag or walking my dog.

What is your most memorable Coapt moment since becoming a Coapt user?

The first time my hand spun and the whole doctors’ office cheered.

What would your advice be for a first-time Coapt user?

It takes practice but you got this!

What are some of the biggest misconceptions you see about people living with a prosthesis?

That we aren’t iconic or sexy. We are.

Plug yourself! What are you most proud of this year? Any milestones in your life? Any thing else that you’re eager to shout from the rooftops?

Securing an agent for my book, Singlehandedly. Gathering over 15 million views on my various video appearances that can be found on

What’s next for you – do you have any big or small goals on the horizon?

Publishing my book and turning it into a movie.

Finally, are there any other details about your Coapt experience or your experience living with a prosthesis you’d like to share?

I love Coapt! Their customer service and attention to patients is truly incomparable.

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