Coapt Acquires Liberating Technologies, Inc.

Coapt Acquires Liberating Technologies, Inc.,
from College Park Industries

LTI addition strengthens Coapt’s research and development capabilities and outlook

JULY 14, 2021 – CHICAGO — Coapt, a leader in human-machine interface technology and medical device innovation, today announced its acquisition of Boston-based Liberating Technologies, Inc. (LTI). With the addition of LTI from College Park Industries, Coapt will increase its robust research and development capabilities and accelerate its development of cutting-edge technologies in the orthotics and prosthetics field.

“Coapt has helped people with limb loss and limb difference live in a modern and independent way through advanced prosthetic technology,” said Blair Lock, CEO of Coapt. “The acquisition of LTI amplifies Coapt’s vision: to create extraordinary human-machine interfaces that benefit humans.”

Nearly a decade ago, Coapt launched Complete Control, the first FDA Class II-cleared myoelectric, machine learning prosthesis control system. This flagship product—now in its second generation—is the first technology to allow users to control their advanced prosthetic arms in ways that help, instead of hinder, the tasks of daily living. Complete Control leverages clinically developed artificial intelligence to learn and adapt to users’ unique muscle energy patterns and provide intuitive control for bionic upper limbs.

Coapt’s authority is not limited to their premier control system. Their industry-leading concierge customer service enables both clinicians and users to harness the fullest benefits of Complete Control. Likewise, Coapt’s continuous, transformative research recently resulted in a new $2.3 million grant from the Department of Defense, which Coapt earned to develop virtual reality and hardware-based therapies to ease amputee limb pain.

LTI is an upper-limb prosthetics pioneer functioning as an innovative research and development hub with a rich network of collaborative efforts. LTI’s research funding portfolio includes support from the Department of Defense; the National Institutes of Health; the National Institute of Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research; and the Veteran’s Administration.

Todd Farrell, director of research at LTI, echoed Coapt’s commitment to creating life-changing technologies. “Our team has always taken pride in conducting innovative research to benefit amputees,” said Farrell. “Joining Coapt is a perfect match that enables us to propel our research forward with a commercial trailblazer to achieve positive outcomes for prosthetic device users.”

Coapt’s human-machine interface products are currently available for individuals wearing upper-limb prostheses in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and across much of Europe. For more information about Coapt, visit, or visit Coapt on social media via InstagramFacebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Coapt makes human-machine interfaces and is the first company with an FDA Class II Cleared product line providing revolutionary and intuitive control technology for advanced prosthetic upper limbs. Founded in 2012 by four leading researchers in the bionics field, Coapt is based on years of research and clinical care. Coapt is an award-winning company that strives to improve the quality of life for prosthesis users by applying clinically dedicated engineering to its portfolio of transformative technologies. For more information, visit