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Complete Prosthesis Control

Advanced myoelectric pattern recognition for upper limb prostheses

Coapt is the maker of Complete Control pattern recognition-based myoelectric control technology for upper limb prosthetics. Our Gen2 system is an intent decoder module that unleashes an unprecedented level of personal, intuitive control, making prostheses function more naturally for those with upper limb amputation or congenital limb difference.

What is Gen2?


Just as your brain learns to coordinate your body movements in infancy, Complete Control enables bionic prosthetics to restore more natural movement. Using advanced machine-learning algorithms, this system decodes natural intent muscle signal patterns into an unprecedented level of command for myoelectric devices. This powerful pattern recognition-based kit means using a myoelectric upper limb prosthesis becomes more fluid and less cumbersome. Our technology represents a leap forward in prosthetic development, one with the potential to change the way users live.


Who can use Complete Control?

Most upper limb myoelectric-controlled prosthesis components on the market today can be used with Coapt Gen2. This includes transhumeral as well as transradial devices.

What does Complete Control add to the prosthesis?

Because it learns to recognize patterns in the user’s personal muscle movements, Complete Control doesn’t require users to be as precise as other forms of robot prosthetics controllers. Their prostheses therefore feel more like an extension of their bodies, rather than a machine that requires carefully practiced inputs.

Is Complete Control easy to set up and use?

Coapt Complete Control Gen2 quickly and easily learns to decode the user’s volitional intent from their muscle signal patterns by way of personalization or “calibration”. This means that unlike other myoelectric prosthetics, devices equipped with this technology do not need to be removed for adjustments or recalibration. The Coapt Gen2 system also connects wirelessly to our mobile app to fine-tune the personalization.