Prosthesis Connection Guides

Making sure the prosthetic components are set up for ideal Coapt control

There are quite a few options for prosthesis users when it comes to terminal devices, wrists, and elbows; not to mention all of the possible different configurations of each. This section will assist with the Coapt setup with your specific configuration.

The Coapt system was designed to be compatible with as many prosthetic components as possible. To do that it stores different communication languages, setups, and profiles in its memory. The system has been engineered to be smart, but it is still VERY IMPORTANT for you to ensure two things for ideal operation:

Find your connection Guide

โ€‹โ€‹Choose your Cable Type below for a pdf guide of the physical connections and the connected devices’ recommended software settings.

To determine your cable type:

Check the printed label on your Coapt Device Connection Cable.
โ€‹The first two characters after SN are the type (eg. H2).