Software Updates Control Companion™

Version 1.0.8 (10/02/2023)

Update of the Complete Controller Gen2 system to Control Companion™ mobile version 1.0.8 includes the following:
  1. Improvements to Bluetooth connection and disconnection events.
  2. Virtual arm performance and grip animation fixes.
  3. Myo-Explorer class data streaming and UI fixes (swipe panel views).
  4. Device firmware update fixes (auto-reconnect disabled).
  5. Calibration improvements with the single class reset of No Motion.
  6. Configuration fixes for digital hand display options (iLimb, TASKA CX).
  7. Zap-It motion sequence fix.
  8. Improvements and UI support for Gen2 Core users.
  9. Calibration motion order fix for users on I5 – flexion wrist.
  10. Profile support of additional ‘Index Finger Touch’ motion class for COVVI signal noise removal.
  11. Updated logo for the Willowwood Alpha Control™ liner.
  12. General performance improvements, and research mode updates.