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The Complete Control system Gen1 was our first FDA Class II cleared, myoelectric pattern recognition control system designed to enhance the functionality of a powered prosthesis for those with upper limb loss or limb difference.

Gen1 is a control system kit with three interconnected components to be assembled inside the prosthesis:

Complete Controller: Gen1

The master microcontroller unit processes the multitude of myoelctric signals via pattern recognition algorithms to recognize the user’s control intent in real time.

Complete Co-Amp: Gen1

The consolidated EMG amplifier unit collects and digitizes eight high-quality myoelectric signal channels.

Complete Calibrate: Gen1

Mounted into the prosthetic socket, this user-interactive button can be pressed at any time to re-calibrate prosthesis control. Whether at home or on-the-go, a user is empowered to get the most from the prosthesis.

Download the Complete Control Gen1 Product Handbook for more information.

Gen1 Unboxing and Setup

Watch and learn how to set up your Coapt Complete Control Gen1 system.

Gen1 Calibration

Proper calibration of the Complete Control Gen1 pattern recognition system is crucial for great prosthetic function. Watch and learn how to master Gen1 calibration!

Gen1 Document Downloads


The Complete Control Gen1 manual contains detailed information about set up, use, troubleshooting, and much more.


We can’t stress enough how important proper calibration is. Use this step-by-step guide to get the most of Complete Control Gen1.


The Complete Control Gen1 system has been designed to enhance control of most upper limb prosthetic components on the market.

Gen1 clinical interface software: Complete ControlRoom Gen1

Coapt worked closely with industry practitioners to develop a software interface that makes sense. Download the Complete ControlRoom Gen1 software and install on any PC with Windows 7 or later. This simple and elegant user interface allows practitioners to quickly adjust settings on their Gen1 usersโ€™ Complete Control, and fosters practice in a virtual environment.